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Sandy Turner - Director

Sandy Turner


“Education is my passion. Styling & colouring is my life”

As an owner of 2 salons and with decades of cutting and colouring experience, Sandy is a true leader and educator of her profession. Specializing in colouring, she has found her passion in sharing her skills with others.

With her cheeky and positive personality, Sandy’s sense of humour is contagious in any salon. Having over 100 Apprentice’s under her wing over her career, Sandy is a true mentor and a leader in her profession.

In the past, she became an Educator for 2 to Colour brands Fanola & Wildcolor.

Now teaching the industry for GlamPalm Australia she has entered a new world of styling which she even couldn’t imagine. “While I’m still learning I am giving back to the industry teaching them what I know. Such an exciting time!” Sandy says.

When asked what her vision for the future is, she replied.

“I’m teaching the industry that taught me. I want to show Students what I know and help, support them to a confident level.  Show them what’s important and express what drives my passion. Teach them how improvise under the construction of our ever changing industry.
Be a support once we have connected so their is extra guidance in our industry”