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GlamPalm Clinic Straighteners



The game changer has arrived!

Introducing the GlamPalm Clinic, our Signature styler with Clinic Mode and Nano-Vibrating Technology…

Thanks to Glam Palm’s ground-breaking Nano-Vibration Technology, this styler ensues heat is radiated inside the hair cuticle instead of drying out its external structure.


The Nano-Vibration Technology massages the even heat distribution into hair by way of 8,000 vibrations per minute resulting in perfectly straight hair in just one swipe without causing you hair any damage thanks to GlamPalm’s exclusive Healing Stone Technology TM.

The Clinic Mode or Low Temperature Treatment (LTT) will help to apply any treatment better and intenser to damp hair to master sleek-straight and flawlessly voluminous styles with minimal effort and maximum precision.


  • Treatment Setting
  • Healing Stone
  • Unique Vibrate
  • World Wide Use
  • Quick Heat Tip
  • Cushion and Tilting
  • Sleep Mode
  • Swivel Cord

Download the Specification Sheet

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